Monday, September 24, 2007

Who else is excited about this years NCAA FR Class???

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The above 2 kids, DeAndre Jordan (Texas A&M) and Anthony Randolph (LSU), are not only two of the Biggest McDonalds AA Snubs in recent years but they are also two of the most talented kids coming into this years NCAA season. Look for both of them to make an instant impact at their respective schools.

WOW! now that I think about it this should be a VERY entertaining season... Is it just me or does it look like this class of incoming Freshman could possibly one of the most talented classes to come through College Hoops in a looooong while??? (Obviously the NBA rule had a lot to do with it)

I was going to write this blog on DeAndre Jordan and Anthony Randolph, and talk about how they are both talented enough to be on NBA rosters right now but somehow they were left out of the McDonalds AA game last year, giving both of them even more motivation to do what they do in their 1st, and possibly last collegiate seasons. But the further I dug into this topic, I started to see how deep this incoming FR class truly is...

Check it out...

Bill Walker (Redshirt) 6'6" Wing, Kansas State

Kevin Love 6'9" PF, UCLA

Mike Beasley 6'9" F, Kansas State

OJ Mayo 6'5" G, USC

Eric Gordon 6'5" G, Indiana

DeAndre Jordan 7'0" C, Texas A&M

Anthony Randolph 6'10" PF, LSU

Derrick Rose 6'3" PG, Memphis

James Harden 6'6" SG, Arizona State

Jerryd Bayless 6'4" G, Arizona

JJ Hickson 6'9" PF, NC State

Gani Lawal 6'8" PF, Georgia Tech

Donte Greene 6'9" PF, Syracuse

Kyle Singler 6'8" Wing, Duke

Kosta Koufus 7'1" C, Ohio State

Patrick Patterson 6'8" PF, Kentucky

Jonny Flynn 5'11" PG, Syracuse

Chris Allen 6'4" SG, Michigan State

Corey Fisher 6'0" PG, Villanova

Corey Stokes 6'6" SG, Villanova

Austin Freeman 6'5" SG, Georgetown

People will be saying the same things about this years FR class that they have said about last years, but I think this years FR class will prove to be even deeper and more talented from top to bottom. It also has much more star power, as many of these guys will be the leader and go to players on their teams. It may not produce the top 2 picks in the NBA draft like last years FR class did, but it will produce a majority of the lottery picks and you can take that to the bank... Cause if the season goes like I think it will, I know a lot of these guys will and deservedly so!


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Leon C. said...

I agree with this list, for the most part, but there are bound to be a few of those guards who don't pan out. With so many guards, expect disappointments.